Over the past year or so I’ve had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Ben Weaver. Ben originally came in, to my knowledge, to purchase a Surly Big Dummy. The process of getting the Dummy outfitted, fit, and personalized for Ben took sometime, but it was a fun process to see. Early on Ben started sharing his adventures and pension for the outdoors, sustainability,  food, harvest and so on. It took awhile but later I found out Ben is an artist. A storyteller. Ben’s connection to the earth around him and the bicycle became more clear to me and we continued talking about ways to collaborate and share our common appreciations.


Yesterday Ben and I did a test ride for an event coming up on October 4th called WonderGather.


Participants will have the opportunity take an autumn bicycle ride, learn about the Garden Farme venue, partake and add to a communal meal curated by Sean Sherman, the Sioux Shef, sit around a fire and listen to stories, and hear Ben play music in a pine tree forest. Camping is available and the morning will be greeted by coffee and a rustic field breakfast.


More information can be obtained and tickets purchased by e-mailing cosponsor Monica Walch from Dinner on the Farm dinneronthefarm@gmail.com


Sasquatch lives on Garden Farme. Don’t miss your chance to see him.


Bruce, the owner of Garden Farme is excited for the event and will be excited to share the land he cultivates and calls home just 30 miles outside of Minneapolis city center.