Fat bike ride to Hello Pizza!

Angry Catfish Bicycle Minneapolis Minnesota

We’ve started a little tradition here at Angry Catfish in Minneapolis. After Minnehaha Creek freezes over we ride fat bikes up it and grab pizza and beer at Hello Pizza. If you haven’t been to Hello Pizza you are missing out. The creators of Pizzeria Lola decided to put in a little diner-like pizza joint with pizza by the slice down on France Ave and 44th Street. If you haven’t been to Pizzeria Lola you should stop reading now and get there. IT’S AMAZING!

Minnehaha Creek Fat Biking

The meandering path runs through the creek and up on to the banks depending on how wet certain sections are. You pass by some of the most beautiful homes in Minneapolis. Some modern and some very classic. We saw several spectators looking down at us from their enormous picture windows.

Minnehaha Creek Fat Biking

Sometimes you fall through and get wet, but the reward is you’re only minutes away from hot pizza!

Hello Pizza

Hello Pizza by the slice is delicious. Giant slices that are reheated to perfection so the crust is nice and crispy on the bottom but still soft before the sauce, cheese, and other toppings.

Hello Pizza and Beer


Hello Pizza Photo Booth

This way you can take a reminder of what a great time you had with you. In this particular set we had a stand in for our co-worker Haute Bacon who really wished he could have joined us. We only saw one other rider on the creek last night, but don’t worry there’s at least two months left of creek riding. See you out there!