Angry Builds: Mike’s Surly Commuter Monkey

With the off and on freeze and thaw we’ve had this season, the roads and paths are getting pretty unpredictable.  Our good friend Mike has always had a pretty stellar winter commuter bike (Surly Steamroller with studded tires and Surly Open Bars), but this year he wanted something with a bit more capability and versatility.

Cue:  Surly’s Karate Money 

He wanted something that was pretty simple and unassuming, but still carried a slight “Bling” factor.  He grabbed quite a few parts that he had taken off previous bikes, and selected some really awesome bits to help bring the complete bike together.  For a winter commuter, he really put the money where it counts on a bike that’s going to see snow, ice, salt, and many thaws:  drivetrain, wheels and tires.
The Details:
You can't go wrong with a black and polished silver combination.

You can’t go wrong with a black and polished silver combination.


The new MDS dropout on the Karate Monkey is such a great option to have, but sometimes you just need to stick with a Surly bolt-on hub, and a Surly tuggnut to keep things in place.


White Industries makes some gorgeous parts.


Hope Pedals, White Industries Eno Cranks and freewheel, and a Connex chain to keep things moving forward.


Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro’s setup tubeless. Velcro. Pure Velcro.


Nice build Mike. It turned out really classy.

Now is the perfect time to get your spring commuter ready.  And did we mention that Surly has a great offer right now for their Surly Super Fans?  Check out the coupon:

11480_Surly Super Fan Final