Bunyan Velo Evening of Adventure

This last November, well before the temperature began to plummet, we were fortunate to host an evening of inspiring cycling stories, presented by Bunyan Velo. Through pictures and words, we went along with the presenters on trips that were driven by a variety of intentions: everything from exploring each of Minnesota’s nearby state parks, to a bike traverse across Mongolia, to a family’s adventure on the pacific coastline.

Each of the two-wheeled adventure stories piqued new ideas for future rides and they continue to keep us motivated through the mid-point of winter. Apparently, the inspiration had a much larger reach than just south MPLS, because Bikepacking.com titled the evening: “Most influential event of the year.” (see link below)

We’re pretty sure it was more than the gratuitous servings of beer, meat, and cheese that won over the event’s attendees because everyone stayed extra late to get as much knowledge from the presenters as they could; or at least until we moved everyone to the nearest bar to continue their story swapping.

We are honored to be a part of this recognition, and are glad to match the ideals that Lucas constructs with Bunyan Velo events.

Click HERE to check out Bikepacking.com’s full article