Angry Builds: Falko’s Niner JET9 RDO….the midwest race weapon

Its been a while since we’ve posted an Angry Build and we wanted to jump back into the game with something really unique.

Long time friend and customer of ACF, “Falko”, is no normal mountain biker.  If you’ve seen him on a bike, you know why…HES A BEAST.  For the longest time he has been riding and racing a Titanium Single Speed 29er because…well…we were pretty confident that it might be the only bike that he couldn’t break.  That bike has treated him well over the years, and with amazing finishes at the Chequamegon 100, the Whiskey 50, Single Speed USA, and the Fat Tire 40, I was pretty convinced that he was going fast enough already.

When he approached me last winter and inquired about getting a full-suspension geared bike I was a bit taken back.  And then when followed up that with “11-speed huh?  I don’t want all that junk.  Do they still make a good 8-speed groupo?”, I laughed at first.  Then his pecks flexed at me and I realized he wasn’t joking.

I’ve been wanting to build a XC race bike with SRAM’s 7-speed DH groupo ever since it came out.  It just makes so much sense for all the riding around here in the midwest.  the terrain never gets THAT steep, and if we’ve been able to ride all this stuff on a single speed for this many years, we’d certainly be able to ride it on a limited gear range.  PLUS, its cleaner looking, less weight, has a stronger clutch, and for those of us that need a gear to get us 15-20 miles to the trail – rip a few laps – and ride home…its makes PERFECT sense.

I give you:  Project “Flying-Falko”








Interested in more details on the build or want to kick off a fun project like this?  Email, call 612.722.1538, or swing on down.  -PR