Angry Cabin in October

Some of ya’ll might remember Nick that worked here soon after we opened our doors. Nick was a hell of an employee, a better friend and my favorite roommate I’ve ever had. We try to get together once or twice a year and enjoy the outdoors. This year it was his turn to come North, he’d never seen the Angry Cabin or any of the awesome trails north of Minneapolis.

The day started with a quick stop to Northern Coffeeworks to fuel up. Please check it out if you still have not been. From there we headed up good ol’ 35 in hopes to find dry trails in Duluth, but to no avail we luckily had already formed a back-up plan which entailed a stop at Thirsty Pagan Brewing for more bodily fuel and beverage before heading North and East towards Apostle Island Lakeshore.

Hiking is not biking, but with all our gluttony we needed to move our bodies a bit. The views and the crashing waves were acceptable even on foot. We even ran into a friend of the shop in the parking lot.

A late start and the autumnal early sunset left us walking back in the dark before the drive back to the #angrycabin.

The cabin was cozy with seven stinky dude and one dog all crammed into its tiny footprint. Games, drinks, and catching up commenced until slowly each man found his eyes closed and dreaming of tomorrows single track.

But first breakfast. Its no easy task cooking or cleaning for 7 in a cabin with no running water, but the addition of a cast iron cooktop certainly made things a bit more manageable.

Bikes were prepped and we were off to check out CAMBA’s Ojibwa trail.

With most of the leaves down after some wind and rain the trail was difficult to see and a little slick in places, the air crisp and the trails were dry. We were all reminded what an amazing resource we have in Wisconsin’s northwoods.

A few guys headed back early and had the warming house at the trail head heating up before the remainder of the group arrived and we consumed a couple trail sodas before making our way back towards the cabin.

Fun comes in all forms including leaves and stumps.

Trout on the grill for dinner, with corn on the cob and green beans.

Day two we found our way up the coast of Lake Superior once again to check out the new trail system that has recently been built by Dirt Candy Designs. We can say with confidence these trails will put a smile on your face.

The climb to the top is well worth it.


While riding bikes is rad, the best part about mountain biking is hanging with friends.

Always tough to say good bye, but we’ll see ya on the next adventure buddy.