A change of plans

Sometimes your plans change.

Often I have plans of riding uphill, working hard, taking the long route and going the distance, but everyone once in awhile life happens and it decides that you should go downhill. You probably deserve it, you’ve worked hard for too long and riding a 105 miles with 10+ thousand feet of vertical gain might just do more harm than good. Copper Harbor, Michigan is once of those places that can take you downhill. A quick shuttle ride to the top of Brockway Mountain and you’ll be on some of the flowiest trails I’ve ever experienced in the country, forget the Midwest.  The folks at Keweenaw Adventure Company will treat you right and take you for one of the most fun 5 minute drives you’ve ever had in a 15 passenger van. Do yourself a favor and get up to the Kewaeenaw Peninsula of the UP as soon as possible, I promise you won’t regret it.


The Ibis Mojo 3 and Ripley are two of the most capable full suspension bikes I’ve ever ridden and would not have traded either of them for any other bike on the market. 


The Kitsbow Icon Shirt has fast become something I live in, I cannot help but put it on everyday and being that its made of Pendleton Wool it doesn’t even get rancid after a hard weekend of camping. Don’t even get me started on Chacos, I will wear them until frostbite chases them off my feet, screw socks and shoes.


Fog and a One-Up Rack….we can’t sell these to you, they only sell direct, but what the hell they are the best racks on the market I’d rather you support this Wisconsin company than buy some crap from someone else.


Obligatory beer and beach photo.


Sometimes the dog does not let you sleep at night so you find yourself a little nap after the sun comes up.


Probably my favorite spot I have ever camped.


Lake Superior is one of our greatest assets and we need to look out for it at all costs.


Not a bad spot for an impromptu photo shoot.


This was at about 6am before the sun even crested the horizon. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning….commence 1 hour drive down a 6.5 mile road.


Spot the ACF love.

dsc_3465What would a cycling trip be with out a little #adventurecoffee


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