About ACF

Once upon a time there was a 15 yr old boy who never wanted to grow up and imagined that if he could surround himself with bicycles and fishing gear for the rest of his life, he’d always be happy and always be young at heart. Almost a decade later, that same boy was fixing, racing and riding bicycles in Minneapolis and the dream had become more of a plot.

Thus Angry Catfish was born. And, as they say, the rest is history:


Josh rallies posse, convinces them to help hatch his plan and totally sell out to the man (him).

March 2009:

The crew sets their sights on an abandoned Ace Hardware store, apparently not in use for much but a bike rack for visitors to the neighboring watering hole.

May 2009:

Crew bears witness to Josh being bequeathed with the Angry Catfish moniker.

Summer 2009:

Crew acquires said building, guts the innards and gives the whole dump a radical makeover.

Jan 16, 2010:

Angry Catfish opens its doors, sells first coffee beverage, makes first dollar.

Feb 2010:

Angry Catfish officiates its Grand Opening with the first annual Cutter’s Ball. Toasts, swilling and much good humor ensues.

Jan 16, 2011:

Angry Catfish officially crosses the year one line, passing GO and collecting $200 or some similar amount. Embarks upon project to refresh website, create marketing/business plans and other pesky things.

Jan 2012:

Many of the original crew members, and some new additions toast to two wonderful years of business, over a farm-fresh, specially prepared menu at Wise Acre.

March 3, 2012:

Angry Catfish reveals a new website and logo, kicks off its 3rd riding season with its growing family of 300+ lovely supporters.