ACF Crew


We’re a small, tight knit group here at Angry Catfish. Many of us have been here before the brick and mortar of the shop existed. We often spend nights after close hanging around, beers in hand, plotting our next attempt at making ourselves the most prominent bicycle and coffee shop in the world. We are not always the easiest to get talking, but once we know you are interested you’ll have a hard time getting us to stop. We are as diverse as we are specialized. Each of us has specific skills that ensure as a whole we are prepared to tackle anything that comes our way. We might not all be diehard bicycle enthusiasts, but we all ride. We might not all be able to pick out that hint of lingonberry on the back end of that Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, but we all LOVE coffee.

Come on in and introduce yourself. We’d love to get to know ya.