During class my legs got jumpy and I’d lose focus. I loved music school, but I often felt more guilty about wasting a day of good riding weather, than not paying attention to my professor. This led to a spontaneous decision after grad school: move to Colorado for “a year off,” a dose of real life, and of course the mountains and their world-class riding. Each consecutive day since buying that one way ticket, I’ve spent some amount of time on a bicycle. Whether it be the daily commute, a weekend bikepacking trip, or a race, riding bikes every day makes me smile more.
I left the mountains for Angry Catfish because it was the first time I had been so inspired from a single visit of a bike shop and I wanted to be a part of it. These are people who live bikes the same way I do and appreciate details that many shops and businesses overlook. That, and I quickly found that it is an environment of real cyclists who actually spend a majority of their free time on bikes– together.