The bicycle is part of my life, a huge part in fact.


I started 25 years ago and it was honestly going to be a part time job while I attended school to be a model maker in the movies. Im a true mechanic as anything with wheels and gears just grabs my attention immediately and I want to learn how it works and then learn how to make it work at its best.


I started my love of suspension while working as a technical rep for Cannondale and quickly learned the amazing wold of controlling air and oil. The art of suspension and suspension service is where my mind exploded and showed me an entire new way to look at any problem and to solve any mechanical issue I would encounter…my patience is a gift and a curse.


I received my USA Cycling Race Mechanics license in 2008 and was very lucky to land a position as the US mechanic to the Cannondale/Liquigas Pro Cycling Team and attend Tour of California, Tour of Colorado and Tour of Utah for 2 season’s. The experience was a trial by fire to say the least but you either sink or you swim and I loved every tiring minute of it. I was part of a family of mechanics who all wanted the best every day for our team and we would accept nothing less.


I continued this by being chosen by Shimano Multi-Service as a volunteer for many events over 5 years ranging from road, mountain, mass ride and downhill support…and turned into a position as part of the mid-west technical support program educating shops and companies on Shimano technology as well as continuing event support around the country still. I drove for Mavic Neutral support in Tour of Colorado and to this day was one the most exciting and incredible moments in my career…and slightly stressful.


I love what I do, its gets stronger every year and I needed to be at a shop that not only loved these simple yet complex machines, but wanted to share that passion with cyclists and show them they can have their bike the way they wanted. Angry Catfish to me is one of the ultimate hot rod shops in the country where we want every bike to be perfect for the customer, ride better then when you brought it in, and seriously make you happier then you thought you could ever be on 2 wheels. I am now part of a shop that is family, not just co-workers I chit chat with and clock out. I want to be here every day and make my clients so happy and excited that it makes their day and they know we care. Im so very proud to be part of this family…and the coffee is amazing 😉