So hooked on bikes that I left a near 18 year career in the body piercing world. After being mindful of health and safety, metal standards, and teaching people daily how to care for their bodies for 17 years (also a few years of the graphic design offices), it was time to leave my comfort zone and do what I was most passionate about. That passion has evolved to helping people feel comfortable on the bike, achieve goals, and ultimately have fun and be well.
After moving my family to Boulder to focus on outdoor education, I found myself working a bike shop. A couple of years later, it was time to return home to Minneapolis and found the opportunity to a be part of a very special place. Here, I hope to inspire a few people to ride more, get comfortable, and ride their dream bikes. As Vonnegut said, “We were put on this earth to fart around…” We may as well do it on a bike.
Currently I’m finding my place in the fit room, getting you comfortable on your current bike or, on the correct one. Doesn’t matter it’s a stock steel commuter, carbon race machine, or custom welded titanium life-time bike, my goal is always the same: inspiring to ride more.