I have four major interests in life: bikes, beers, drums, and of course, coffee. I recently finished my masters in percussion performance in Georgia, focusing on classical and solo literature. During a break in my masters I picked up a day job as a barista. From there, something just clicked. The technique, the nuance, the stark differences in quality and approach to coffee, everything paralleled the music part of my brain. I began searching for as much coffee knowledge as I could find.

I really enjoy working at the Angry Catfish. Not only do I get to work with my favorite
Intelligentsia coffees, I get to do so in a place surrounded by beautiful bikes and a constant
parade of cool rides that customers bring in. Working with such talented and awesome people on both sides of the shop is really great. It’s great chatting with customers, hearing about their days and crazy weekend shenanigans. If you’ve got a good story (which I know you do) I’d love to hear it!!

When I’m not behind the counter, you can find me taking my pup Sascha to the Minnehaha dog park, or picking up burritos on my Surly Steamroller. Lastly, I’m obviously an avid music lover. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the newest Aphex Twin album, you favorite local band, or that song on the radio you can’t stand. Let’s chat.