Its a mix of passion and obsession that’s brought me back into the cycling industry after a couple years trying different career paths.  I started in a bike shop almost 10 years ago; learning, wrenching, selling bikes, organizing rides, and trying to race as I could.  When I headed off to college I found myself hanging out at the local bike shop once again, and once again wrenching, riding, and selling bikes.  I couldn’t escape it.

Going to college makes you want to do irrational things.  Like go off and get a corporate job to bump elbows with the big wigs and keep up with the Jones’.  So I did that.  And it sucked.  After bouncing around for a while in the event industry and advertising/marketing world, I found myself back in Minneapolis and back into the bike community.

I’m happy to be back working at a bike shop, and not simply “a bike shop”, but a bike shop that is filled with employees and customers that are as passionate and obsessed about this silly activity and lifestyle as I am.

Lets ride bikes.

No, seriously.  Get over here and lets go ride.