I started my bicycle career as a part time bike builder my Sophomore year of high school. After quickly working my way into a mechanic position, I found my calling. I enjoy all aspects of fixing things, problem solving, working with my hands, and also, the smell of Tri-Flow.

In college, bikes were a way for me to earn a living while learning to cook. That’s right, I graduated from Culinary School in 2006 and shortly after, it became apparent that working in a kitchen was not a career path that was practical for me.

After graduating culinary school, I made a move to Colorado, where I worked as a mechanic at one of Colorado’s most prestigious bike shops. From there, I moved to Houston where I spent most of my time either working on bikes, or swimming in humidity. That concluded my world tour, and in 2010 I moved home to Minneapolis.

My attention to detail has won me much praise among colleagues and customers. I always enjoy a good challenging bike repair and am excited when I can make something work that had been neglected. Anyone can hang brand new XTR or Record on a bike and have it work perfectly the first time — There’s something special about making 30 year old components feel new again.

When I’m not working on bikes, or talking about bikes, you’ll likely find me riding bikes. I thoroughly enjoy a good lap at Lebanon Hills or Murphy Hanrehan mountain bike parks. I also enjoy walking into the woods and sometimes even sleeping in a tent.

If you’ve stopped by the shop and talked to me in the last 2 years, you may have heard me talking about my most current education adventure. I recently graduated Tech School in Electrical Technology, so I’ve got that going for me. Don’t worry though, I’ll still be around the shop.