ACF Team


Whether chasing trout through mountain streams, Parker on silly century rides, or his son around the backyard, he is always looking for the next adventure. In both business and and personal life, he's fueled by a love of experiences and quality which is emulated through the rest of the staff at ACF and the products and exceptional service we offer.



Dave started wrenching 25 years ago and had originally intended for it to be a part time job while he attended school to be a model maker in the movies. He is as true a mechanic as they get. Anything with wheels and gears just grabs his attention immediately, and he cannot wait to learn how the mechanics of them work.



Always hoping to inspire a few people to ride more, get comfortable, and ride their dream bikes. As Vonnegut said, "We were put on this earth to fart around..." We may as well do it on a bike.



Northern-Wisconsin raised. Grew up on meat and cheese. Competitive by nature. Minnesota educated. Advocate for sustainable living. Commuting by bike was her gateway drug. Always up for a game of cribbage. CX and MTB racer. Anything in dirt! Lover of bluegrass, but started with ska. Enjoys coffee black and bourbon with one cube.



This is Johanna. She thoroughly enjoys riding bikes and drinking good coffee. She also loves kitty cats, alternative medicine, drinking while cooking, and a crisp, well-balanced bread and butter pickle. She dislikes blue cheese and social inequality. She is generally confused, inspired, saddened, overwhelmed, and amazed by life. How about you?


Bill joined the crew here at ACF mid season in 2016. About six years ago he got into wrenching on bikes and immediately felt at home. He enjoys having an effect on the ride experience for everyone he meets.



Do you like bikes?






What was supposed to be a day job during a year off of music school quickly turned into a passion for craft coffee and tea. Turns out, it’s a lot of the same stuff as percussion; it's practicing lots and solving problems. Besides coffee, he also likes biking, trying new whiskeys, and walking his two cool dogs.



Life is better on bikes. They provide, for me: Transportation, Entertainment, Community, and the best of both Physical & Mental Health. They have introduced me to most of my closest friends and have inspired some of the greatest adventures that I could dream up. Bikes have become part of my identity, and I love sharing stories about how they have done so.



Meet Jenna Yeakle! Behind the awkward smirks and creative mug placements, there's a passionate community organizer. Jenna adores the Angry Catfish crew's drive to create a culture of excellence and relationship building. You can find her sipping a tasty americano while cruising on her Surly Straggler.



Alex's zeal for coffee stems from his enjoyment of bonding with people using beverages. Its why he got into coffee in the first place. When he started at Angry Catfish, he found a place that strives to perfect this seemingly simple beverage and it gave him a deeper appreciation for the complexity in every cup.



"G" is all about serving people great coffee, being nice, writing songs, getting funky on the bass guitar, running, biking, lifting weights, cooking, eating breakfast foods, lunch foods and dinner foods, experimenting with different hair/beard lengths.



Louis is a student at the University of Minnesota studying Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics.

He loves going fast up and down hills.



Holly likes coffee, animals, snacking, riding her bicycle, and fight sports.


Done quite a bit of moving in his life life, and the Twin Cities now are where he calls home. If Jake isn't at ACF, he can be found at the ice rink or school....possibly have a beer...BUT ONLY 1!...Its a school night!


A recent transplant to Minneapolis from Madison, WI. Outside of work Logan spends a lot time making pottery, drinking tea, and enjoying the outdoors. He loves cooking, baking bread, and anything homemade.


Rhea is an endearing coffee nerd who, outside of work, spends the majority of her time either drawing or cooking with her partner. Or watching really terrible B movies and laughing, probably. She deeply appreciates the ways in which coffee facilitates moments of contemplation, thoughtfulness, and reflection within individuals and between them.



Blaise is a Seattle born and raised bike nerd/dirtbag. If time and space were unlimited - Blaise would be brewing beer, building frames, painting, sewing, tattooing, cooking, designing and making furniture as well as taking long walks with any dogs that happen to be around. Other habits include: afternoon bike rides to breweries, watching Star Trek/MST3K and (much to his wife's delight) cleaning the house.