ACF Race

Angry Catfish is proud to sponsor our ACF Squarda Team, and Category 6 Racing Squad. Within these teams you’ll find diversity in personality and riding style. Whether its road, gravel, dirt, or track you’ll probably see someone sporting the hexagonal catfish icon with pride. Don’t be afraid to say hello they’re not really all THAT angry.

Our race teams are an extension of our physical location. Our riders put the products we sell through the worst real life conditions possible, empowering us to know exactly what each piece of equipment can withstand. This helps us determine the best product selection for our clients and their needs.

We are of the mindset that no one is making money at the grassroots level and we are all just out to have some serious fun, maintain some fitness and justify the burgers and beers we will consume later. If we are not smiling at you while riding its probably because we are in too much pain because its been a long winter.