Max Ellingson

I started mountain biking two years ago and wish I’d started sooner.  My winter passion is free-style skiing.  I like sports that have force, mass times acceleration with a coefficient feeling of uneasiness. Last summer I vacationed in Colorado.  Between the cross country biking in Crested Butte, downhill triple black runs in Keystone, and a visit to holy land of Leadville, I determined a portion of my life will be spent on two wheels powered by me.  I recently finished my sophomore year at Edina High School, without even eating cake!  After high school, I plan to obtain a graduate degree in Chemical Engineering at a school with a collegiate biking team or club.  Then, work for a bike manufacturer to develop the world’s greatest bike frame material.  I was drawn to ACF team because I want to learn from the best and bike to the Max!  My short biking career has exposed me to great people and stories.  Motto for 2013 race season “ACF Body in Motion Stays in Motion”.

Ellingson Colorado Trip 2012 264