Angry Catfish: Jersey orders

Angry Catfish jerseys and tech-Ts (Men’s and Women’s) are now available for pre-order from Podiumwear!

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 10.53.56 AM

Men’s Tech-T

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 10.54.07 AM

Women’s Tech-T

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 10.54.16 AM

Men’s Silver Jersey – Full Zip

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 10.54.25 AM

Women’s Silver Jersey – Full Zip

Made just across the river in downtown St. Paul, Podiumwear is making us (AND YOU) look good this summer.  Our public storefront will be open until midnight on April 17th, so head over and place your orders.  See below for the link and password to place your orders.

We will be bringing in a small run to have on hand this summer in-store, but they won’t last long.

This year we’ve opted for a more ‘Club’ fit for the jersey instead of the ‘Pro’ version we did last year.  We’ll be using Podiumwear’s Silver Jersey, which have a more casual fit, and a bit more breathing room.  We’re also adding a Tech-Tshirt to the mix.  We received alot of asks for a more casual piece to wear on and off the bike, and Podiumwear’s cut and material feels great for both.

Please head over to the link to place your order.  The online storefront closes on April 17th at midnight.  Here is the link and password:

Link:  Angry Catfish/Podiumwear online storefront

Password:  catfish

Items will take 3-4 weeks to be produced after the storefront closes, so please be patient.

Thank you so much for the support!

-Angry Catfish

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