Angry Kits

Our team kit order recently came in and is being distributed to team members that pre-ordered their wears. I think everyone is really excited by how well everything turned out. The hard work that went into our brand update really shows through on this new round of riding clothes. So much so that we’ve had team member wear their new kits while mowing the lawn. I’m pretty sure that it took a solid two minutes off his best time. Other team folk can be seen picking up groceries in their spandex, and even more just lounging out and watching TV.

Soon the mass public will also be able to take part in their favorite or mundane daily routines in the fine looks of an Angry Catfish kit. For the first time since inception we’ll be offering a unique jersey, bib short, and long sleeve jersey for retail sale. The design may be the sharpest to date and we are really excited to see them in person. We are still probably about a month and a half out, but it will be well worth the wait.

Bib shorts are super comfy, and super pro when the match the tops.

Long sleeves with reflective accents! Perfect for commuting or CX racing.

3 Responses to Angry Kits

  1. Arjai says:

    Cool Beans!!

  2. Justin says:

    Is it still possible to purchase an Angry Kit? If yes, cheers and thanks! If no, why? PLEASE!? Also, I don’t live in TC any longer, would you be able to ship it to me? Thanks!

    • Josh says:

      It absolutely is possible and we can ship them. We are selling the brown ones. There’s pictures on our Facebook page. They are running a little small, but if you call the shop we should be able to get things figured out for you.