Barista Fun Fact!

Most of you know we take coffee very seriously. We weigh beans, measure water, check temperatures, use timers, and concentrate hard on every cup of coffee we serve in order to provide our customers with a perfect cup of coffee.


multiple times each year, we have our lovely trainer, Jesse, from Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters come up from Chicago to do continuing coffee education with our baristas? It’s true, it happens! If you stopped in the past few evenings you would have noticed five or so baristas all cramped behind the counter geeking out about the newest grinder or throwing around words like ‘extraction level’ and ‘plant matter’. We do a great job keeping up to date with the latest trends in coffee on our own, but the support we receive from Intelligentsia is like non other that we have ever experienced.

The cool thing about coffee is that there is no right answer (though there are many wrong answers). Techniques and brew methods are always changing and everyone has a specific way how they like their coffee to taste. That is great! Individuality is awesome! For us, and for Intelligentsia, consistency and pleasing our customers with quality coffee are our highest priorities. That’s why, multiple times each year we get this visit from Jesse. We talk about roast trends and profiles that are popular among the masses and we tweak our methods so we can keep our customers happy. When y’all are happy, we are happy and we can all drink awesome coffee together.

Ignore the Blackhawk hat. Here is Jesse with one of his awesome graphs he draws trying to look extra contemplative.

Ignore his hat. Here is Jesse with one of his awesome graphs trying to look extra contemplative.

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