Bicycle Fit

Bicycle fit is very personal. This is why we do not adhere to one specific methodology or practice. We believe the most important thing in bicycle fit is comfort, followed by efficiency. Fit is important to all types of riders to ensure a safe, comfortable, and healthy riding position. Whether you are out pounding the pave´on your 30 year old vintage Italian frame or in the market to have us help you design your one of a kind dream machine we are more than happy work with you. The fitting doesn’t stop when you leave the shop. Fit is ever changing. As you gain or lose fitness, weight, or age you will find your fit changing with you, the most important thing is to start with a safe developmental position that will grow with you. Please schedule a time with us for your personalized fitting so that we can ensure you a time slot in our schedule. Plan on bringing: you, your existing bike, riding attire, shoes, pedals and an open mind. We prefer to do fits during the week as we are extremely busy on the weekends with in store traffic and would like for you to have a quiet comfortable experience.