Catfish Makeover

This new look has been a year’s labor of love. A year of discussing crew and customers’ thoughts about what this business stands for. A year of evaluating and evolving the visual aspects that would help manifest those values into emblems. A year of putting words to paper to help articulate our story. A year of setting intentions.  A year of teaching ourselves how to use WordPress and how to choose print vendors. A year of asking why we do what we do and what makes us tick.

A big huge thank you is in order to Aaron Melander for designing the new Angry Catfish mark and style guide and to Dan Knudson and Matthew Amundson for translating that look into a handsome new website.

Now we’re ready to put this story out into the world. We’re ready to put these tools in your hands and ask you to share the things you find worth passing along.

Thanks for supporting us along the way and helping us spread the word. We certainly couldn’t do it without ya!

One Response to Catfish Makeover

  1. Dan Knutson says:

    Thanks guys – it was a lot of fun and the site looks really great!