*Single Origin Coffees

We carry seasonal offerings from Intelligentsia, rotating approximately monthly. Click here to see our current coffees.


Double shot of Intelligentsia’s Black Cat or single-origin espresso


Double shot “marked” with steamed milk


Between a Macchiato and Cappuccino. The ratio is close to 1:1 with 2oz. of espresso and 2 oz. of steamed milk.


6oz. of perfectly blended espresso and milk


Excellent espresso and beautiful creamy milk


Latte with the addition of Omanhene chocolate from Ghana, Africa

Smoked Sea Salt Mocha

Just like our Mocha but with the addition of sea salt that has been smoked in Alder wood
Sweet and savory!

Café Con Miel

Latte with the addition of honey and cinnamon


Espresso and hot water

Chai Tea

Hot, smooth, and spicy


Premium loose leaf tea available in several varietals

Hot Chocolate

Single origin chocolate from Ghana. Rich and delicious

Cold Press

16oz. of ice cold Intelligentsia single-origin coffee brewed in a Toddy for 12 hours

Iced Tea

Loose leaf brewed and poured over ice

* indicates an in-house only drink