Holy Toddy Season Batman!

I had a nightmare the other night that Adam decided this would be the summer of frappes at Angry Catfish. Blenders everywhere! It was awful.

Though we don’t have icees, slurpies, or frappacinos, we do of course have those other drinks that people go a little crazy for: cold presses, iced mochas and, a personal favorite, the iced hot chocolate. Full disclosure: I’ve never really been a fan of iced coffee. It seems a little counterintuitive. Like drinking a piping hot beer. It just doesn’t seem like a phenomenon that was meant to be. It doesn’t help that all the traditional iced drinks tend to mask the nuances of coffees rather than accent them.

All this said, I want to find an iced coffee that I like. Sometimes it’s just too hard to get through a hot cup of coffee (no matter how tasty) on a muggy 90-something degree day. In the attempt to find a great iced coffee, I started fooling around with the iced chemex. In theory, it’s simple. Split the water weight in half, and throw that much ice in the bottom of the Chemex after prewetting the filter (so, if you normally use 16 oz of hot water for a Chemex, put 8 oz of ice in the bottom). Then add the grounds and pour hot water (the remaining 8 oz if you’re making a 16 oz cup) as you would for a hot Chemex.

A lot of the ice melts and (if all goes well) the result is a clean, syrupy cup of coffee (with notes & notes!) that barely resembles the thick cold presses we’ve all become accustomed to. If all does not go well, however, the result is often popcorny or bitter. Now that it’s summery weather I’m starting to work out the kinks with this year’s coffees, so if you want to try something besides cold press, feel free to bug me ’til I make you a cup.

One Response to Holy Toddy Season Batman!

  1. Joshua says:

    I’ve been making my Chemex cold coffee by doubling my amount of grounds (in my case from 48g to 96g), adding ice in the bottom (duh), and pouring my hot water until somewhere below the bottom of the filter (depending on my mood), but above my normal pour. The result has been pretty good, though once or twice a little too watered down. Hope all is well.