Inspired Adventure Rides in Minneapolis

Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to get me out on a bike. This can be exceptionally true the colder it gets outside. With a forecast of snow in our very near future it helps to have adventures planned to keep you getting outside. I always like to have an end goal or something off in the distance to shoot for. Whether that’s coffee on a body of water or a cabin in Northern Wisconsin just something to keep you working. Good friends help with this as well. This past week I got up real early. Usually I don’t get up real early unless there’s the promise of fishing on the horizon, but coffee is a close second to fishing for me.


Some how getting up early once to ride and make coffee by the falls inspired me to get up early, with a little prodding from a friend and we got up early again to scope another potential coffee spot by water.


This was a motivator to keep riding. I haven’t ridden The River Bottoms or Theodore Wirth in many years. I rode both in under a week and felt inspired and grateful for such amazing trail systems in my backyard.


Sometimes you get inspired to ride something you never have before. This was not necessarily one of those days, but it was fun watching Parker.


Often I feel things just taste better outside. This was especially true or Wyder’s Cider. And a bagel. And a cookie. And some Rye.

Wyder's Cider

I think I’m often looking to get inspired and there’s a lot of inspiration out there these days with the ease of everyone being able to share things via the interwebs. Check out our friends at Bunyan Velo.


Or our favorite bike shop Golden Saddle Cyclery


Share what inspires you and inspire others!

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