Ruby Coffee Roasters – Colorful Coffee

For all of you who missed out, last week we hosted a free public cupping and tasting with Ruby Coffee Roasters. Ruby Roasters is our newest guest roaster and we are very happy with the beans produced by this company. Located in the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin (Amherst Junction), Ruby is lead and run by a former Intelligentsia worker named Jared. With the same high quality taste as Intelli, Jared has picked only top notch beans to be roasted. At the cupping we sampled coffee from Sulawesi, Kenya, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Rwanda.

If you didn’t get a chance to make it to the cupping, don’t worry! We will be carrying Ruby until early summer and are excited about all the different coffee we will get to drink. Right now, we have the Colombia Aguacate on the pour over bar and pulling it as a single origin espresso. Try it both ways, it’s a very sweet, tasty coffee! This is also the last week to try the Sulawesi Toarco. It is completely sold out so get in before the weekend or you’ll miss it! Next up, we will be brewing the Kenya Gatuyaini which was the favorite at the cupping. Want to know more about Jared and Ruby Coffee Roasters? Visit his site at

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