San Jose Colombia

As many of you know, the coffee bar offers two different espresso choices at all times. We pull the Classic Black Cat Espresso from Intelligentsia for our milk based drinks on account of its smooth, chocolatey taste. The second espresso is either a seasonal from Intelligentsia, like the Honey Badger, or a bean from our guest roaster, Ruby Coffee Roasters. The neat thing about Ruby is that they lightly roast all of their single origin beans, which means we can use the same exact bean for brewing a pourover AND pulling as a double shot of espresso!


This weekend and through next week we will be brewing the San Jose Colombia as a pourover and pulling shots of it on the espresso bar. Mention you read this blog post and receive a San Jose 12oz pourover with a shot of San Jose espresso for %20 off! Offer ends Sunday evening.



Happy tasting!

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