Summer Brews

On the brew bar we’ll be featuring an all Central American line-up for a spell:

Los Immortales, El Salvador is incredibly juicy, with earthy undertones, and citrus fruit flavors that blossom as it cools.

El Machete, Panama has a dominating limeade taste, backed up and mellowed out slightly with milk chocolate notes.

La Tortuga, Honduras (which won’t technically be on the brew bar until later next week, though we’re having a hard time restraining ourselves with this one) has bright red berry notes that linger throughout, pairing nicely with a creamy mouthfeel.

We’ve also got (count-them) two espresso offerings for awhile:

Black Cat right now is a blend of Brazil and Panama. It’s well-balanced, with a creamy body and a syrupy sweetness that has a touch of nuttiness to it.

With summer comes the return of the Sugar Glider, a mix of Costa Rica, Honduras, and Panama that is bright and citrusy. It features sweet berry notes with a rich, juicy body and a smooth finish.

Come in and get ’em while we’ve got ’em!

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